The Devotional Diva - The Touch of His Hand  

The Devotional Diva - The Touch of His Hand

By Barbara Gobbs
Executive Assistant and Ministry Partner - Pocket Full of Change Ministries

“And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. . .” Revelation 21:4a (NAS95)

I am a touchy-feely person. My family is comprised of touchy-feely people. I even made a touchy-feely person out of my husband, who grew up in a loving home but not one that displayed overt acts of affection. How many of you are touchy-feely folks?

Jesus was a touchy-feely person. Now, this might catch people off guard.

We live in a time where touchy-feely is grounds for a lawsuit or arrest. It strikes terror into the hearts of young moms where their children are concerned. For the sake of this devotional, let me go on record by stating we are not talking about that kind of touch-feely.

However, there is something personal about a touch. If you visit our church and manage to leave without your neck hugged or your hand shook, multiple times, we have failed you. When was the last time someone touched you?

Touching is an important aspect and action in life. Babies snuggle to the touch of their parent. We like our hands held by the ones we love. We put our arms around the hurting. We touch the shoulder of a friend in need. All touchy-feely is not bad. Jesus proved this in His life and His ministry.

At times, Jesus only spoke words of healing. They worked. How could they not, when commanded by the Son of God! But other times, He chose to touch and heal. In John chapter 9, Jesus spat on the ground, make a paste and personally applied it to the eyes of a blind man. Touched and healed.

The woman with an issue of blood was touched and healed. All she did was touch the clothes that touched the flesh of Christ! Talk about a touching story.

Jesus also touched and blessed. He washed the feet of His disciples and the gospel of Mark relays how He gathered children in His arms and blessed them by “laying hands on them.”

Jesus lived out a hands-on ministry.

A few weeks ago, we reviewed Revelation 21:4 during a Bible study class. It’s a hands-on and touchy-feely verse of Scripture. It brought to mind a very personal point. There is something very intimate about someone touching my face. When you touch someone’s face, it is definitively personal.

When my granddaughter reaches out and touches my face – it is almost electric. When my husband places his hands on my face and runs his fingers over my cheekbones, it is personal beyond words. It is soothing to my soul. It conveys a perfect sense of comfort. It confirms the knowledge that I am loved. Then I realize that one day, in Heaven, Jesus will take my face into His hands and my joy will be complete.

Now life here on earth still has a lot to offer. We enjoy spending time with family and friends. There are plenty of places to see and people to meet. Fun remains a high priority on my to-do list! However, there is also heartache enough to go around.

Perhaps you’re in danger of losing a job, a home or a loved one. Some of us already walk in those shoes. There are plenty of problems to produce fears and tears. If you find yourself here today, allow me to offer you something that I hold dear – intimately dear: The hands of Jesus.

Let me suggest you place yourself in the blessed hands that:

Blessed a loaf of bread and fed thousands
• Wrote no condemnation in the sand
• Gathered children into His lap
• Washed the feet of the disciples
• Worked as a carpenter – strong and steadfast
• Healed the infirmed and raised the dead
• Carried a cross up a hill called Calvary
• Were pierced by Roman nails
• Bled for you and for me
• Rose again in Victory
• Hold the power and the authority of God Almighty Himself

Those hands, beloved, will one day touch your face and wipe away your tears and you will never cry again. Can someone say AMEN!

As we go through this week, let us all remember what those holy hands did for us in the past and what those holy hands will do for us in the future. But do not let us neglect the fact that those same holy hands work in our lives today. Psalm 37 confirms our place in His right hand. His hand is never far from ours!

As you walk the road this day brings, walk it with His hand in yours. After a spell, sit and rest – let His hands cup your face and listen as proclaims His great love for you, then just love Him back by letting your hands be an extension of His to another.

Big Hugs for everyone today!

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