The Devotional Diva - The Turtle, The Wallet and The Purse  

The Devotional Diva - The Turtle, The Wallet and The Purse

By Barbara Gobbs
Executive Assistant and Ministry Partner - Pocket Full of Change Ministries

“Delight yourself in the Lord.” Psalm 37:4

A woman walks through her house and notices something on the floor. It’s against the baseboard on the carpet. It’s small and dark. At first glace, it appears to be a small piece of plastic – perhaps off a toy belonging to her grandchild. The mysterious object is about the size of a quarter. It sits idle on the carpet.

It draws her attention, closer and closer until she bends down for further inspection of this very small, unidentified object. To her great surprise and delight, she discovers a baby turtle! Yes, a baby turtle, just like the kind sold in the pet store.

How this tiny little fellow crawled over door transitions and got in the house – who knows! How it managed to escaped detection by the family cat – no one could say! But the delight that little turtle brought was undeniable. It was silly but delightful!

Same woman, a few days later, goes to the local open-square mall with her husband for some fresh air and maybe a pretzel. She goes into a store she almost never visits and contemplates buying a purse – one she normally would not consider.

After some mental debate and permission from her husband, who sees this as a way to get off the hook for Mother’s Day – she makes the purchase she normally would not have made. It’s interesting what God can do when we quit doing what we normally do and take a risk – even on a shopping trip.

While the woman paid for her purchase, she laid her Scripture-embroidered wallet on the sales counter. This led to someone noticing the verse, which led to the woman explaining it was the foundational mission verse for the faith-based non-profit where she worked. That led to the passing out of business cards. The cards led to the young sales person asking the woman to pray for her extremely ill father. That led to tears, which led to prayer, which led to ministry in the name of Jesus right in the middle of the store!

What a delightful moment! Yes, it was the more serious moment of the two I experienced last week, but I stand in awe over the delight that God provided to this gal.

Life throws numerous tasks and obstacles at us each day. Some of them are things we normally expect such as work, children, traffic and deadlines to name of few. Then again, we are subject to some abnormal things like unexpected illness or injury. They leave us drained and in some cases, in darkness. Where is the delight?

Dear friends, our delight is in our God! We have a Father who lives to delight us and have us delight in Him. Last week, God gave me moments of silly delight over a turtle – one of His creations. Ask my husband how delighted I was as I begged, “Can we keep it please! I’ll feed it and take care of it.” It was truly joyful.

Then God delighted me once more as a serious situation unfolded in my presence – where I was allowed a ministry moment with the most precious of His creations – His child. There is no greater delight than a divine appointment. What a joy to touch the heart of another.

Let me ask, what is your week looking like thus far? Are you in need of some divine delight? Then look to the Father! Lift your eyes to the Lord! Ask Him to delight you! Then prepare yourself for the silly or the serious – either way you win!

He may send a divine appointment or a sensational sunset, but in whatever way He sends the delight, remember to delight in Him right back. He loves to delight His children and lives to have us delight in Him!

This week I wish for each of you a turtle, a wallet and a purse!
Love, Barbara

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