The Devotional Diva - Knowing What Love is All About  

The Devotional Diva - Knowing What Love is All About

By Barbara Gobbs
Executive Assistant and Ministry Partner - Pocket Full of Change Ministries

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for a friend.” John 15:13 (NAS95)

I’d like to relay a conversation that Kylie, my kindergarten granddaughter, had with her mother, Stephanie - my daughter. It revolved around Addison, my newest granddaughter. The conversation was set in Stephanie’s car as the three girls rode home from errands one day. Both children were in the back seat, as of course, Stephanie drove. The conversation went like this:

Kylie (talking to her tiny sister) gushed, “Addison, I love you so much! I just love you sissy! I love you.”

Stephanie pleased and amused at this exchange, turns her head toward the back and says, “And Addison loves you too!”

“No she doesn’t.” Responded Kylie flatly and without emotion.

Stephanie was a bit stunned at the remark and told Kylie, “Yes, she does!”

Kylie told her mom in a voice that reflected the wisdom of sages, “Mom, Addison is only a baby. She is too little to know anything about love. But when she gets older, she will love me.”

Out of the mouths of babes!

As I replayed this scenario in my head, I couldn’t help but imagine Jesus watching over me as I was brought into this world exclaiming, “Barbara I love you! I love you so much.”

Then as the heavens responded, “And Barbara loves you too!” Jesus turned and proclaimed, “No, she is just a child, too little to know anything about love. But as she grows and discovers the great love I have for her – when she learns of the great sacrifice I made for her – as my mercy and compassion is revealed to her and she believes, then she will love me!”

Love is one of the most defining characteristics of Christ. It should be one of the most defining attributes of a believer. However, the kind of love Jesus calls for doesn’t come automatically. When we are born, we are too little to know what love is all about. Most of us don’t figure that out even as an adult. But when confronted with the love of Christ in our lives, something almost magical happens. We are changed! We live differently as we discover how to love differently.

One of our crowing joys in this life is the love we are filled with for the One who loved us first! Because of the great love of God, we can honor the directive to love one another with the love we received. (John 13:34)

It is my prayer that as you walk throughout this week, you have true knowledge of what love is all about!

In case you are wondering, I do love Him – and let all of the redeemed say so!

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