Mommy Is Discouraged  

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Mommy Is Discouraged

By Belle Touchton – The Missionary Dog
Mommy - Cheryle M. Touchton - The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44 NIV

Poor Mommy. I heard her tell Daddy that she thinks she is too disorganized to do this job. She wants to quit and go home. She had such a good day yesterday. She was excited because of the 5 new Christians. It seems like whenever we have a day that good, bad things happen for the next few days. I think Satan wants Mommy discouraged.

Mommy spoke at a church today. In the middle of her presentation, she hit the cord that connected her computer to her projector and the projector went flying off the table, bounced onto the stage and then onto the floor below. Mommy told Daddy that everyone gasped when it happened. Mommy looked at the expensive projector lying on the floor and said aloud, “That isn’t good.” Everyone laughed and she continued her presentation without her pictures. At least she was almost done. Pieces of the case and one of the feet broke off but the projector works. Mommy blamed herself because she’d put the projector on unevenly stacked hymn books on a tiny table.

We’d lived in hotels for 2 nights because Mommy had to speak early in the mornings. We drove all day yesterday. We were rushing to get to each place so Mommy just threw everything in the back of Halleluiah. It was such a mess that I had trouble finding somewhere to sleep. When we got to our campground today, Mommy started fixing Halleluiah. People had donated money, bought books, and filled out cards to be on our mailing list. When Mommy gets in what Daddy calls “Speak Space,” she gets forgetful. She had stuffed left over books, money, and information cards in brief cases, boxes, on the seat, and in her purse. I also saw her put both sets of camper keys in her purse. Daddy’s warned Mommy to always keep one set in the camper and I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

After about 2 hours of organizing, Mommy got worried. She was missing a business card from a pastor who wanted to be on our mailing list, a $25 donation check, and worst of all, Daddy’s camper keys. She searched for 2 hours. The good news is that her computer and projector cases, the 3 book boxes, and the shelves of Halleluiah are completely organized again. The bad news is that Mommy didn’t find anything she was missing.

Her best friend Nancy called while she was in the middle of searching. Nancy tried to calm Mommy down and when that didn’t work, she called our hotel from the night before to ask if they had the keys. They didn’t.

Mommy told Nancy that the only way to get more keys is to put in a different alarm system. Mommy told Daddy that only having one set of keys messes up her whole system because she keeps 1 set on a rope to wear around her neck when she goes to the shower and the other in her purse.

“I feel terrible,” Mommy told Nancy. “That woman was nice enough to give us $25 and now I lost it. I can get the preacher’s information from my cousin but the big problem is the keys.”

To Daddy she said, “Maybe I can’t do this. My life is too confusing. What if I can’t keep up with things anymore?”

Mommy speaks for a nursing home tomorrow and a television show on Tuesday. I think Satan wants her to stop doing what she is doing and I also think Mommy should just stomp her foot at that nasty old Satan. I don’t know why mommy is surprised she lost things. She has always has trouble keeping up with things after she speaks. When she leads people to Christ, she doesn’t come down to earth for hours. My opinion is that when she gets that close to God, she forgets about human things like zipping her purse. I was worried when she planned events for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in 3 different states. I knew Mommy would do a good job but I also knew she was going to lose and break things.

If you know my Mommy, I’d like to ask some favors. First, pray for her. Next, would you remind her that that she is good at what she does and God wants her to keep doing it. Also, remind her that she’s always gotten discombobulated about details when she is in that place where she steps outside herself and lets God work. If you have some suggestions for how Mommy can keep up with things, you could pass them on to her. Tell her that she has been sick, that her mother-in-law just died, and if all this happened to anyone else, she’d be offering comfort and encouragement. It is silly for Mommy to feel so incompetent the day after she helped 5 people get to heaven. Even losing the keys isn’t the end of the world. The Devil is lying to my Mommy. Would you help me help her?


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Cheryle M. Touchton is the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries. For more information or to schedule a speaker for an event, go to or call Cheryle Touchton at 904-614-3585.

This ministry exists because people like you are called to help fund the work of the kingdom. To help keep "The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady" on the road leading people to Christ, you can Donate Here

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