Mommy Left Me and I Got Even  

Pocket Full of Quarters Trek 2011
Mommy Left Me and I Got Even

By Belle the Missionary Dog
Mommy Ė Cheryle M. Touchton

Therefore confess your sins to each other James 5:16 NIV

OK Ė I get it that Nancy is Mommyís best friend. What I donít get is why she left me to go off with Nancy. I was so excited. I love Nancy. I thought I was going to get to spend a week with her. Instead, Mommy took me to the Doggie Hotel and left me.

There I sat for 5 nights. Donít get me wrong. They were nice to me. I got to play with other dogs and my room was OK. Iím cute so of course they gave me attention. After all, I am Belle, the Missionary Dog. I know how to work a crowd. It just seems like they could have used me at Mardi Gras.

Mommy says the Seminary they stayed in didnít take dogs. What is that about? They teach people about God at this Seminary. Donít they know that God made dogs? Donít they know that I donít make near as big a mess as the humans who stay there?

Finally, on Thursday night, Mommy came. I did something bad and I need to confess it. The Bible word for doing bad things is sin. The Bible says to confess your sins so Iím going to confess. I made a mess on Halleluiahís floor. I even made the mess on the carpet Ė which was hard since there isnít very much carpet in the camper. It was wrong and Iím sorry.

In my defense, Iíd had a lot to deal with. Iíd tried to be a good sport about being left behind. Sometimes my job is to wait on the Lord and Mommy. Iíd waited patiently, without making any messes in the doggie hotel. Mommy finally came back. I said goodbye to my new friends and ran to Halleluiah. I jumped in, expecting praise and attention but Mommy and Nancy talked to each other and ignored me.

I tried to get in Nancyís lap but she had on black pants and didnít want my dog hair. Paleeeaaaase. White dog hair looks good on black pants. When we parked, Mommy and Nancy left me in Halleluiah to go eat. That was the last straw! They could have eaten before they got me and I got mad. After waiting patiently all week, the least they could have done was make me the center of attention. I am Belle, the Missionary Dog!

When they got back, my nasty surprise was waiting. They noticed the smell as soon as Mommy drove off. Nancy and Mommy held their noses all the way to Nancy's house. I also have to confess that it felt good to hear them complaining. When we got home, Nancy ran into her house and left Mommy to clean up the mess. For the record, I stayed with Mommy. That should have gotten me some points but Mommy was mad and she scolded me.

Ok Ė I knew it was wrong. Iím sorry. Iíll do better next time. Iíve spent the last 2 nights at Nancyís house and Iíve been good. God, Mommy, and Nancy have forgiven me. Iím going to miss Nancy. Iím Belle, the Missionary Dog and I can do better than leave messes to get even with Mommy. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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