Prayer Request: Woops  
The good news is that Belle and I are safe, hooked up at a campground, and the water and electrical on the camper seem to be working.

Do I have your attention? We had a distressing incident tonight. As we pulled into Holbrook, Arizona to look for a campground, I accidentally drove past the KOA entrance. I decided to turn around in a Taco Bell parking lot and pulled into what I thought was a parking lot with two paved entrances.

Unfortunately, the road I pulled into looked smooth on my side but was actually one side of a very high curb. When I heard the sickening crunch of what I knew was the low hanging and delicate underside of the camper hitting bottom, I knew we were in trouble. I drove on across the curb to look.

What I know that is broken is:
• Driver’s side running board is cracked with bent metal that interferes with closing of the door
• Driver’s side door panel is broken away from bolts and hanging loose
• Back bumper is cracked and hanging loose
• Waste water hose bolt is broken and hose is hanging loose

I managed to prop the wastewater hose up and drive the ˝ block to the KOA. I’m hooked up for the night and thankfully electricity and water is working. I don’t see any tire damage. The KOA owner knows a mechanic friend that he will call in the morning. Bob says my wastewater “prop up” job won’t make it the mile to the mechanic so in the morning I’m using my handy dandy duck tape to try to get safely to the mechanic.

Please pray:
• For me – I had this exact same accident about 10 years ago in a convertible in a tiny town in Georgia. Isn’t there something about ‘fooled me once, shame on you – fooled me twice, shame on me?” I’m feeling discouraged and foolish. I just want to go home but I’m 30 hours away.
• For the mechanic – that he will know what to do to get us rolling again.
• For Progressive Insurance – they tend to only cover things fixed at their approved mechanics and I don’t have much choice here.
• That I’ll find a way to get to my activities in Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (I’m about 4 hours from Phoenix).
• For Bob – I called him with this news just as he was boarding the second leg of his flight after saying goodbye to me (he was visiting me in Albuquerque). He didn’t sound good and I don’t imagine this has been a very pleasant flight for him. He hates it when I’m in trouble and he can’t help.
• For the person/s God is going to so much trouble to send me to.


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