Pocket Full of Quarters Trek 2013
Jackson, Tennessee

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, "Will you give me a drink?" John 4:7

Jesus used props to draw people to Himself. There are Bible stories about donkeys, well water, fish and loaves, and sycamore trees. I am a big fan of using props as a conversation starter Ė in fact Ė Iíve even used fans to lead someone to Jesus. Sometimes, I carry the props and other times, people are considerate enough to walk by playing with a prop interesting enough to comment on.


It helps with evangelism to stay current so I hang around people who can keep me current. I noticed a young man sitting in the mall, wearing Beats, and listening to music. If you donít know what Beats are, watch out. You might have lost your relevance. My Bible study group taught me about Beats and I told them at the time that I would use that information to lead someone to Jesus. Sure enough, when I commented on his Beats, this young man was duly impressed and willing to talk. Pulling out my iPhone sealed the deal. There in a mall sitting on a park bench, spiritually troubled Ishmael tearfully met Jesus.


Bubbles are the best. Iíve lost count of the number of times blowing bubbles has helped lead someone to Jesus. I use Bubbles when I teach evangelism to demonstrate spreading the word of God. I have a routine I when I lead a retreat and usually give everyone a bottle of bubbles to play with throughout the retreat. I carry bubbles all the time. I have a bubble machine that I sometimes set up on my campground picnic table. It draws a crowd. Our Jackson evangelism group was resting on a bench when we noticed a young mother and son her son walking by blinking and glowing. They had not been to a nuclear power plant. They had been to the Dollar Store. Blinking rings and glowing headbands always deserve a conversation. That conversation led to giving the mother the Gospel. When her young son got restless, I pulled out my handy dandy bubbles and blew them for him while I gave her the Gospel. It worked like a charm. She prayed to receive Jesus and when she looked up, she had tears in her eyes and said, ďThat was a lovely prayer. Thank you so much.Ē

It was a good three days in Jackson. Four people met Jesus. We had 20+ Divine Encounters and at least 5 good leads for the church plant headed up by the Fullers with the Sojourners Fellowship. The props involved in these encounters also included a t-shirt, a plastic bag opener, body wash from Victoriaís Secret, a puppy, a software system, a dog harness, tracts, business cards, watermelon, and an iPhone.

Carry interesting things in your pockets or purses to use to start conversations. Notice what others are carrying or playing with. Use it to start a conversation. If you donít know Jesus, Email Cheryle and Iíll share Him with you and mail you a bottle of bubbles.

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