A Very Big Bird  
A Very Big Bird

I was at Mount Stuga Inn in Pine Mountain. I was unpacking my car when I suddenly heard an obnoxiously loud bird. I was fascinated by the . I stopped, listened, and looked around. I knew it was a bird but couldn't find it.

A young child ran up to me and excitedly asked me what was making that sound. I told her it was a bird. She said, "It must be very big."

I explained that I had not seen it but that, sometimes, small birds can make very big sounds. Neither of us could find the bird. She ran off.

As she left, I heard her call to her mother. "I found it. I found it."

Her mother asked, "What was it?"

The daughter answered, "I saw it. It was a very big bird." She didn't mention the conversation with me.

As I listened to that child, I was reminded of how inadequate we feel as humans. In watching that small child, I realized how normal it is to want to make our experiences seem bigger than they are. I'm sure it comes from a basic insecurity with being human.

No matter how hard we try, alone, we will never be perfect. We know our mistakes and have insecurities.

We judge our insides by other people's outsides. Others are also putting on a good face and they may look better than we feel.

How grateful I am that, through Christ, we are made perfect and are being made holy. The pressure is off. We can be who we am.

If we are following God, day by day, we are being made holy day by day. For today, who we are is God's business and is good enough enough.

We prepare spiritually by no longer striving to be perfect. We allow God to make us holy.

"Because by one sacrifice, he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy." Hebrews 10:14.


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