Why Do People Lack Wisdom?  

Why Do People Lack Wisdom?

A discerning man keeps wisdom in view,but a fool's eyes wander to the ends of the earth. Prov 17:24

If wisdom is available to all Christians, easy to obtain, and so rewarding, why do we have so much trouble making wise decisions?

• Difficulty: Yes, some parts of the Bible are difficult to understand. If this has becomes an excuse for not using the Bible to seek wisdom, seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as you read and the Word of God will come alive.
• Familiarity: An old expression says familiarity breeds contempt. It is easy to grow lazy and lose interest in critical but familiar passages. If the thrill has worn off,share familiar passages with new Christians and renew your thrill as their eyes light up with dawning wisdom.
• Priority: Some poor Christians haven't yet learned the miraculous value of God’s word and therefore it has no priority in their life. If you wonder why you need the Bible, seek wisdom in a Bible Study that has daily homework and prepare to be amazed.
• Distraction: Let's face it - life is filled with both interesting and troubling distractions. If you "eyes are wandering to the ends of the earth," turn your eyes to God's wisdom and forget everything else. The interesting distractions will become more fulfilling and the troubling ones will fade away.


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