Relationships; St. Valentine's Day  

Biblical Tips On Relationships:
St. Valentines Day

Just For Married People

It is Valentines Day. Be intimate.

Song 1:12 The Message
When my King-Lover lay down beside me, my fragrance filled the room.

It is Valentine’s Day. Tell your lover how attractive he/she is to you.

Song 1:16 The Message
And you, my dear lover — you're so handsome! And the bed we share is like a forest glen.

It is Valentine’s Day. Light up when you see your lover coming.

Song 2:8 The Message
Look! Listen! There's my lover! Do you see him coming? Vaulting the mountains,
leaping the hills.

It is Valentine’s Day. Make sure your lover knows you long for him or her.

Song 3:1 The Message
Restless in bed and sleepless through the night, I longed for my lover.

It is Valentine’s Day. Call your lover “dearest friend,” “companion,” and “consummate lover.”

Song 5:2
Let me in, dear companion, dearest friend, my dove, consummate lover!

It is Valentine’s Day. Brag on your lover to other people.

Song 5:16 The Message
That's my lover, that's my man, dear Jerusalem sisters.


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