Journey From the Cross: Introduction  

Journey From The Cross

The next series on the website will be called “Journey From The Cross.” Our personal journey begins with the crucifixion of Christ. His sacrifice offers us worthiness in the eyes of God. Christ rose from the dead, thus overcoming death for all of us.

Our sinful natures are crucified with Christ when we accept him into our lives. Like Jesus, we rise from the dead to a life filled with the love of Christ, thus marking the beginning of our personal journey from the cross.

Each of our journeys are filled with joys, sorrows, and the occasional detour. We often lose our way or take the long way around. This series, beginning on February 23, Ash Wednesday, will examine what the cross means to us as fellow journeymen.

There will be five devotionals each week, ending on Easter Sunday. These are short devotionals and can be done in under 15 minutes. Each devotional will contain the following:

• Meditation
• Prayer
• Bible Study
• Application

If you have the extra time, this devotional series will be more meaningful if you keep a journal. Suggestions for the journal are:

• Answer the questions in writing
• Write your prayers
• Keep a prayer list
• Keep a gratitude list

I am praying for you this Easter Season. May it be a time of confession, renewal, and hope.


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