Travel Tip - James Island County Park  
Travel Tip Ė James Island County Park Ė Charleston, South Carolina

James Island County Park in Charleston, South Carolina was my home for 2 nights. I recommend the campground to people who like to play!

Belle and I frolicked with other dogs in their off leash dog park. I didnít even mind the rain or when a Great Dane jumped on me and left giant muddy paw prints. The Water Park offers slides for the brave hearted and a lazy river for the wimps. You can fish on the fishing pier or play in the playground. Hiking and biking trails are throughout the park. James Island County park offers activities that include games, sports events, concerts, and breakfasts. Iím told there is a climbing wall but I havenít attempted it. Maybe next year.

While they donít have any major water access (just small fishing lakes,) the pass from the park gets you in all of the Charleston County parks in the area. I spent this afternoon parked, writing, and praying beside a stormy beach in another park.

If you are interested, take a look at the pictures in the Photo Gallery of this website.

Their number is 843-795-9884.


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