Answered Prayer - Belle  
Answered Prayers
Belle is back to her regular self and Happy is mostly back to his regular self.

After having been sick for several days, Belle started getting better as soon as I asked for prayer so perhaps it is OK to request prayer for dogs.

Belle and I both enjoyed our weekend with Bob. The three of us traveled the Lake Michigan Circle Loop through Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Michigan was the last state Bob needed before he too could say, ďIíve been to every state in the United States.Ē What a wonderful country we live in!

Thanks to your prayers, Bob was spared from having to share close living quarters with a sick dog. Iím not sure Bob would have survived the ordeal so your prayers were needed.

For me, it was wonderful playing traditional marital roles for a few days. Bob did the driving and all maintenance on Happy. He even took Happy for an oil change. He fixed several small things that had broken or come loose, checked tire pressure, and did what ever it is men do when they look under the hoods of cars. I gratefully cooked, washed, cleaned, and repeatedly told my husband how wonderful he was. Life is ever so much better with a partner to share the load!

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Prayer Request

Is it OK to ask for prayer for a dog? Belle is sick. I care about her so Iím asking for your
prayers for her.

I had an event to attend last weekend and the hotel didnít allow dogs. I boarded her and apparently, she didnít handle the boarding well. She seems to have picked up some kind of stomach bug. Itís a very small camper. She mostly wants to lie around but is such a good sport, she will still go anywhere with me. If she isnít better by tomorrow, I plan to call her vet. but weíre a long way from Jacksonville.

She will get to see her daddy (Bob) tomorrow so that may perk her up. Every time she has one of her ďspellsĒ with her stomach, I tell her that weíll see Daddy tomorrow. As sick as she is, she still gets excited.


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