The Leaky Faucet  
The Leaky Faucet

Do you have any idea how annoying a leaky faucet can be in a tiny camper?

I called Bob. “Happy’s faucet is leaking. What should I do?”

“I suppose you’ve tried turning it off hard.” That didn’t deserve an answer. He started talking about removing the handle and replacing something called a washer. I thought a washer was a large box that I put dirty clothes in. I barely know what to do with that.

As he described this procedure to me, I knew I was in over my head. I couldn’t even figure out why I would be working on the handle when the leak was coming from the mouth. “Once you remove it, take the part to Home Depot and they’ll be able to show you what to get,” Bob said. “Make sure you put the stopper in the sink so the screw doesn’t go down the drain.”

“Bob, be honest. Do you think there is any chance I can do this?”

He went to laughing. “No, I guess not. Usually we can’t take our sinks into Home Depot. Maybe if you go there and beg, someone will take pity and come out to the camper to work on your faucet.”

I sighed. I needed my husband!

I had spent the night in Mandan, North Dakota. Upon leaving the campsite that morning, I immediately passed Corral Sales RV Super Store. Without a second thought, I pulled in, parked, walked to the counter, and met Wanda. “I have a really silly problem. My faucet is leaking and it’s driving me crazy. Can you fix it?”

I could tell Wanda wanted to help but she hesitated. “We’re pretty busy today. I’ll find out if we can fit you in.”

About that time, up walked Corey. “I’m almost through with my job. I could probably help her.” What relief to meet such a nice person. In fact, both Wanda and Corey were nice. Thank you, God.

Corey walked to Happy and checked out his faucet. He turned on the pump and sure enough, drip, drip, drip. “Do you mind if I watch you fix it?’ I asked. “My husband tried to tell me how to do this and I want to see what he was talking about.”

“Sure thing,” he said agreeably. We chatted as he removed the handle and the broken part. While he went off in search of a replacement part, I wandered back to the office and found Wanda. We became friends.

Wanda is a devout Christian and a Lutheran. I told her about the wonderful worship experience I had on Sunday at a Lutheran church. She shared her miraculous healing from what was originally diagnosed as bone cancer. “Prayer is the answer to everything,” she said. Corey was in and out and overhearing bits and pieces of this conversation.

Not wanting to miss a fascinating second of Happy’s repair, I walked back to the camper. What’s happening to me?” I asked God. I’ve never had the slightest desire to watch a plumbing repair before.

This is where my daughter would say, “You need to get a job, Mom.”

“I’ve noticed that other campers have something they attach to their hoses,” I told Corey. “It has something to do with water pressure. Could too much water pressure have caused this?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “It can ruin all the hoses in your camper. We have a Pressure Regulator at our store. They are only about $12. Would you like me to walk over there and get you one? It fits right on the end of your hose.”

Live and learn. “Thanks,” I said gratefully. He brought one back and taught me how to use it.

When the repair was complete, Corey and I wandered back into the office so I could pay the bill. Wanda and I picked up our conversation where we left off and Corey stood there squirming. “So Corey,” I said looking at him. “You’ve been awfully quiet during our spiritual conversation. What about you? Are you a Christian?”

“I’d have to say no,” he answered slowly. “But my girlfriend is. Her father is a Baptist minister.”

“Is this a serious relationship?” I asked.

“Yes, we’ve been dating about a year and a half. We’re eventually going to get married. Not right away but some day.”

“That means her parents are most likely praying for you. Your girlfriend probably is too. It’s your fault! “I grinned, teasing him. “You’re the reason my faucet is leaking! My real job is traveling across America talking to people about God. God uses the most creative ways to send me places. Do you believe in God?” He hesitated and I guessed he was embarrassed talking about this in front of his co-worker. “That sounds like a no,” I answered for him, trying to make this easier. I almost backed off but felt a strong leading to continue. “If God were real, would you want to know it?”

“Sure would,” he answered quickly.

“All you have to do to become a Christian is admit you need Jesus, confess your sins, and ask Him into your life. It’s really simple. I’ve got an assignment for you. For the next two weeks, I want you to pray every day, asking God if He is real. Pray the words, ‘God, if you’re real, reveal Yourself to me.’ I realize you may feel silly and probably feel like you’re talking to the wall, but pray it anyway. You’re going to be amazed at the results. God is always faithful. Are you willing to do this?”

“I guess I’ll have to be,” he said in a surprisingly enthusiast voice. I believe he was serious. Join me in praying for Corey. God is going to do a mighty work in his life.

“How can I be so sure?” you ask. Because the word of God says so. If Corey asks, it will be given to him. If he seeks, he will find. If he knocks, the door will be opened to him.

Matt 7:7-11
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him! NASU

The faucet is working just fine now. It only cost $52 dollars -- a small price to pay for getting to share Jesus with someone!

To see pictures of the repair, go to the Photo Gallery and click on North Dakota - Mandan - Corral Sales RV Superstore.


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