Prayer Update - Dr. Don Cooley  
Prayer Update - Dr. Don Cooley

Dr. Don Cooley had his surgery on the morning of August 19th. Iím please to say that God has answered our prayers. The surgery went well and the doctors think they removed the entire tumor. Don is already home from the hospital and resting quietly at home.

The Cooleys have asked church members to give them about week before they are flooded with visits from the many people who love them. Don is expecting to be preaching again very soon.

Praise God! Thank you so much for your prayers.

To see the original prayer request and other updates, read below.

Prayer Update - Dr. Don Cooley

Dr. Cooley has had his consultation at Shands Hospital and they agree with the original diagnosis. To see the original prayer request, read below. Shands has scheduled surgery for August 19, 2005 in Gainesville, Florida.

This is delicate surgery but the doctors at Shands were very encouraging. Don says he is very comfortable with his neurosurgeon. He has been able to work part time while waiting for this appointment. He says he tires easily but also bounces back quickly. Don has asked a retired pastoral friend to preach while he is recuperating and is anticipating a quick recovery.

Donís spirits are good and his faith in God is strong. In fact, in his e-mail giving a medical update, he was full of encouraging words and prayers about my writing and journey. As always, Don is thinking of and encouraging others.

Please continue to keep Dr. Cooley and his family in your prayers. Iíll give an update after his surgery.

Prayer Request Ė Dr. Don Cooley

Dr. Don Cooley is the Pastor of Hart Haven Baptist Church and a friend and mentor of mine. On Saturday, he got dizzy and his speech became garbled. They rushed him to the hospital, and thankfully, ruled out a stroke. Unfortunately, the latest news is that he has a small brain tumor. They donít think itís malignant but it is in a delicate spot. They are transferring him from Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville to Shands in Gainesville, Florida for consultation.

As I was walking and praying for Don tonight, I noticed that the entire hill was lit up with lightening bugs. I thanked God for the lightening bugs. We donít have them in Jacksonville anymore because pesticides have killed them off. As I watched those lightning bugs, it dawned on me that Don is like those bugs, lighting up the world around him. The light of Christ shines through him everywhere he goes.

Don and his wife Char had their first grandson just shortly before Bob and I were gifted with Noah. My prayer is that my grandson Noah will get to see lightening bugs and be able to witness first hand the light of Christ shining through Dr. Don Cooley. Join me in my prayers for this sweet and faithful family who serves God and others above all else.

Luke 11:36
If therefore your whole body is full of light, with no dark part in it, it will be wholly illumined, as when the lamp illumines you with its rays. NASU


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