Travel Tip – Sedona, Arizona – The City of the Red Rocks  
Travel Tip – Sedona, Arizona – The City of the Red Rocks

If you haven’t been to Sedona, Arizona and get the chance, take it! Sedona is about 2 hours north of Phoenix on Interstate 17 and sits at the mouth of the magnificent Oak Creek Canyon.

August 28th was our 34th wedding anniversary and Bob and I decided to meet in Phoenix to celebrate. Bob used travel rewards to get us a free weekend at the Embassy Suites and flew in Friday afternoon. When he arrived, we asked the hotel what we should do while we were in Phoenix. They didn’t even have to think about their answer. “You have to go to Sedona! It’s a couple of hours away but worth the drive. It’s the prettiest city in America.”

Nothing prepared us for the breathtaking beauty of the red rocks. Certainly, there are many red rocks throughout the west but what made this so unique is that the red rocks are right in the middle of the city, surrounded by matching houses, shops, and landscaping. The entire city is red.

Sedona is known for having 4 mild seasons a year with average annual temperatures of 74 degrees as a high and 47 degrees as a low, making it an ideal tourist spot 365 days a year. While I may not have known about Sedona, 4,000,000 people a year find their way to Sedona as tourists and enjoy hiking, back country jeep tours, horse back riding, and many other forms of recreation. There are numerous hotels, campgrounds, resorts, restaurants, and shops throughout Sedona.

Sedona’s red rocks have personalities and names to match that personality. As we drove through the city, we rode past Snoopy, Chapel Rock, Bell Rock, and many others. We took a loop drive that took us on a rugged gravel highway through the red mountains, allowing us mountain top views of the very red Sedona below. I have to agree that Sedona is the prettiest city in America.

To see pictures of the red rocks of Sedona, go to the Photo Gallery and click on Arizona – Sedona – Red Rocks.


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