Prayer Update - Kerri Boersma  
Prayer Update – Kerri Koersma

I come to you once again asking for prayer for Kerri Koersma.

You can read below to see the previous prayer requests. Kerri had prayed to make it to her son Sean’s 5th birthday. She was able to put on an amazing “Pirate Party” for Sean’s birthday party. God kept her functioning until the day after the party.

Unfortunately, Kerri began having symptoms again – dizziness, pain, speech difficulties, and the inability to walk. An MRI has shown cancer progression on both sides of the brain and doctors have said that Kerri may only have a few weeks left. There doesn’t seem to be any treatments that are worth what they would put Kerri through. She was able to attend church on Sunday and the church held a prayer time for the family.

Please pray for Kerri, her two young children Olivia and Sean, and her husband Todd.
Prayer Update – Kerri Koersma

Please pray intently for Kerri, a young wife and mother. Her cancer is back and multiplying. Pressure on her brain is such that her motor skills are being affected, and numbness in the bottoms of her feet and toes due to the chemotherapy will not go away. This makes it difficult for Kerri to walk, but she has been constantly gaining strength and weight since the end of chemotherapy. The doctors have concluded that there is no cure for Kerri's disease and have presented two options:

1. An aggressive experimental treatment that might buy her some quality time.
2. To not have any treatments and take advantage of Hospice care.

Kerri will decide what she wants to do in the next few days. Pray for her wisdom and strength. The doctors say that because Kerri's cancer is growing she will start to have headaches more frequently and likely have more seizures. Pray for her as she deals with the changes in her body. Pray for her 2 small children and her husband as they support her. Kerri believes in miracles and if anyone can out live the doctors predictions it is Kerri Farley Koersma.

See below for other updates and the original prayer request.
Prayer Update – Kerri Koersma

Kerri began her treatments and has had some rough days. An irregularity was found on the other side of the brain but they are not yet sure what that means. She’s has been given statistics that are frightening. The uncertainty of the information is difficult for this entire family. Please keep them in your prayers. Pray for their strength, wisdom with regards for treatment, and for healing. Nothing is too difficult for God.

For the original prayer request and other updates, see below.

Prayer Request – Kerri Koersma

Kerri is a Christian, a wife, and a mother of 2 children, ages 6 and 4. She suffers from a rare and aggressive form of cancer, usually found only in children. She has started a treatment that will initially be a fierce 6-week fight and then an aggressive 6-month fight. Please take a moment right now to pray for Kerri, her husband Todd, and their 2 children. Her friends and family are already claiming a miracle on Kerri’s behalf. Join them in their prayers of faith. If I get updates, I’ll pass them along.


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