Belle's Musings  

Pocket Full of Treats:
Belleís Musings

My mommy has done it again. She has drug me away from my daddy and the king size bed I share with Mommy and Daddy to make me sleep alone on a skinny bench. Iím always nervous when sheís driving because I never know when a cabinet is going to open and a pot is going to come flying out. My mommy calls what we travel in by the name Happy but if Happy is so Happy, why is he always throwing things at me?

My mommy travels the country talking to people about God. Every night, she gets on the computer and spends hours clicking away. Everywhere she goes, she gives people these things called quarters. She keeps quarters in one pocket and treats in the other. I donít know why people get so excited about those quarters. Iíve tried them and they taste terrible. Take my word for it Ė the treats are much better.

This journey got off to a rough start. Mommy got sick and her coughing kept me up all night. She complained because no one wanted to talk to her that first week and I wondered if sheíd noticed how scary her hacking and red drippy nose actually were. I thought Iíd get to sleep while she was driving but every time Iíd doze off, ice cold water would pour down on my head. I heard Mommy telling Daddy that the air conditioner was leaking. Iíve got news for her - that was not a leak.

I think Mommy would have put up with the flood gates opening every time Happy slowed down or sped up (after all Ė she wasnít the one getting wet) but then Happy started smoking. Mommy was sitting outside talking to this person she calls Janice while the smell of smoke inside was getting worse and worse. I tried to tell Mommy but she just kept saying hush. Fat chance of that when Iím about to be turned into roast dog.

Finally, she hung up the phone and came inside. Immediately, she started crawling around all over Happy trying to find the source of the burning smell. Unfortunately, because of her cold, she couldnít smell very well. She called Daddy but even I knew he was too far away to help.

ďIím coming home and letting our RV guy fix this,Ē she told daddy. ďThat way, he can also fix this air conditioner.Ē That was the best news Iíd heard. I needed some sleep.

For a moment, I thought Mommy was going to leave that night. She packed up my chair (she calls this her chair but I know better) and her table. She brought in all of our gear. Since we were on top of a dark mountain and Mommy had gotten lost on our way up, I was really hoping she would wait until day light. She looked at a map, sighed, and said, ďBelle, if we leave tonight, Iím afraid weíre going to get lost.Ē I agreed. She unplugged Happy and opened all the windows. It worked because the smell went away.

Mommy didnít sleep much that night. I think she was worried about fires and gas leaks because she kept waking me up to make sure I was OK. Just as the sun came up, Mommy got in the driver's seat and started driving. We drove all day and way into the night. Mommy was so busy driving that she would forget to walk me. Thatís really not a big problem because I can make my barking pretty annoying when I want to. She got the message. We finally arrived home and I got the first good sleep in over a week.

Mommy got Happy fixed and now weíre back on the road again. It isnít so bad. At least I donít get wet anymore. I like being with my mommy all the time. She gets these ridiculous notions that Iím supposed to let everyone pet me but at least she bribes me with treats. She has never fully understood how private petting is. Mommy and I take long walks in the woods and I get to smell the most delicious smells. I meet lots of dogs and get to help mommy find deer and other animals as we drive. Mommy talks about God all the time. Some of the people she talks to tend to cry. I donít know why people have so much trouble with the God thing. He made my wonderful Mommy and Daddy so He has to be good.


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