Travel Tip - Arkansas  

Travel Tip - Arkansas

If you have been planning a vacation, might I suggest the great state of Arkansas. According to AAA, they boast the 4 Cís Ė Clear lakes and streams, caves, colorful countryside, and Bill Clinton (Arkansas was his birthplace.) I never saw Bill Clinton but I saw everything else.

Might I suggest the south end of Scenic Highway 7 as a place to start? It runs north and south across the state. Stop at a welcome center and get a Scenic Highway 7 brochure to mark the places to stop. My recommendations for places to stay are the state parks. If youíre camping, there are no better campgrounds anywhere. I stayed at the Degray Lake Resort, where I enjoyed a Sunset Cruise and an after dark Caravan animal hunt. They also have snorkeling. I also stayed at Petite Jean State Park where I enjoyed the lake, trails, and the Inn for dinner. For those wanting more comfort, most of the state parks have quaint and luxurious lodges and some even have pools and a golf course. Be sure to check out the worship services that some of the parks host. Highway 7 sports such things as Hot Springs National Park, the National Museum of Natural Resources and the Arkansas Grand Canyons.

When you get to the top of the state, head west and visit Eureka Springs. The Passion Play and the Holy Land are worth the trip. Visit the beautiful and famous Thorncrown Chapel and if you are there on a weekend, be sure to worship with them. Then, take scenic Highway 23 south. Donít miss that beautiful road but if they warn you that a stretch of highway is very steep Ė believe them. A tour guide told me that the definition for scenic roads in Arkansas is steep, narrow, and curvy.

Arkansas is the perfect place for a vacation. Itís beautiful, not crowded, reasonably priced, and you can choose rustic or luxury accommodations. It has everything from water sports to hiking to entertainment. I didnít want to leave but my family says they wonít move there.

You can view photos of many of these sites, er sights, under Photo Gallery Ė Arkansas (multiple subheadings).


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