Belle's Musings - Have Faith in Daddy  

Belleís Musings
Have Faith in Daddy

Isa 30:15
For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy one of Israel, has said, "In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength." NASU

Usually Iím glad I canít talk. Iíve listened to how much trouble humans get in when they open their mouth and Iíve figured out that talking is overrated. You donít really need talking to communicate. My Mommy can look in my eyes and tell when Iím excited, mad, disappointed, and hurt. I was barking at a child the other day and Mommy explained, ďThatís her ĎI want to playí bark.Ē She was right and sure enough, the child played with me. Mommy can even tell the difference between a warning and begging bark. She doesnít always listen to my warning but she never minds me giving it. She hates it when I beg. I use a yip to tell her Iím out of food or water or that I need to go outside. She always responds to that. I realize itís confusing to give one sound for two activities but Mommy manages to figure out what I need.

There are times when I wish I could talk. One of the times is when Mommy is talking to people about God. People have a lot of problems. When they try to fix them, it seems like the problems just get worse. It reminds me of when I get tangled up in my leash.

I have a really long leash. Sometimes Mommy gives me the entire leash and other times, she keeps it short. I suspect she makes those decisions based on my safety and the convenience of others. When she wants it short, she clicks a button and tells me what to do. If I do what she says, the leash automatically shortens and everything turns out all right. If I donít listen to her, there is too much slack in the leash and it gets wrapped around my legs. I canít run or even walk very well when the leash is tangled up around my legs. When that happens, Iíve learned that I canít get out of the mess by myself and fighting it only makes it worse. If I freeze and wait, my mommy will walk over and untangle my leash.

Once, I even hurt my Mommy with my leash. The button was un-clicked and I had as much leash as I wanted. Before I tell you what I did, let me tell you that I knew it was wrong. Iím not supposed to dart after other dogs but letís face it, Iím dog and dogs like to chase things. When I saw a dog walk by, I darted completely around Mommyís legs to run after the dog and the leash went out so fast that it cut Mommyís legs in several places. Even though Mommy was hurting, she thought of me first. She got me under control before she took care of her legs.

Iím pretty sure that the Daddy of us all loves us a lot more than even my Mommy loves me so I have to wonder why humans donít have as much faith in their Daddy as I do in my Mommy. When I yip, I know that my Mommy will either feed me or walk me. She usually figures out to do it before I even yip. If sheís busy, she says wait but she always takes care of me. When I disobey and hurt her, she still thinks of my safety first. If I could talk, I would say, ďYip when you need help. Your Daddy will help. Listen to your Daddy. Heíll give you exactly the right amount of leash and tell you how to stay out of trouble. If you mess up and get tangled up, freeze and wait. Your Daddy will untangle the leash. Have Faith in Daddy.Ē


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