Journey to the Cross - Introduction  

Journey to the Cross

Dear Readers:

Get your compass, map, mosquito repellent, and hiking boots and join me on a journey to the cross. Take a first aid kit because some of the things we do might hurt a little. Together, we’ll will take personal inventory, claim our strengths, confess our weaknesses, make amends if necessary, and prepare for Resurrection Sunday. Easter is a time to grow closer to Jesus. Expect to see a beautiful sunrise as a new day dawns in our relationship with our Savior.

Our spiritual journey is possible because of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. We can be grateful that His sacrifice offers us worthiness in the eyes of God because most of us aren’t very good hikers and find trails filled with potholes, detours, and steep climbs. We often lose our way or take the long way around. Journey to the Cross will examine what the cross means to us as fellow journeymen and help us map out an easier and more scenic route to our destination.

Our Journey begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Resurrection Sunday. It is 40 days long, minus Sundays. There will be 40 devotions, with each week having 6 short devotions that can be done in under 15 minutes. Each devotional contains a:

• Meditation
• Prayer
• Bible Study
• Application

If you have the extra time, this devotional series will be more meaningful if you keep a journal. Suggestions for the journal are to:

• Answer the questions in writing
• Keep a prayer list
• Keep a gratitude list

Don’t worry about the danger involved in our journey together. Christ rose from the dead, thus overcoming death for all of us. Crucified with Christ, our sinful natures no longer have power over us. Like Jesus, we rise from the dead to a life filled with the love of Christ. We do not ever again have to feel the weight of the junk we pick up along the trail. We can face life with courage inspired by having an eternal perspective on our earthly destinations.

I am praying for you this Easter Season. May it be a time of confession, renewal, and hope.

Cheryle M. Touchton - The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady


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