The Beginning  

The Beginning

Belle and I were so excited! It was time to leave for the 2007 journey. Bob was going to spend the first week with us! Could life get any better? “We’re going camping Belle,” I chanted repeatedly. “Daddy’s going too.” Belle was wiggly with excitement.

This year, Belle and I are traveling in our 2006 slightly used Roadtrek, which we have named Halleluiah. You may remember that our last Raodtreck started out as Hapless but later had a conversion experience like Paul on the road to Damascus – and became Happy. Three things precipitated Halleluiah’s addition to Pocket Full of Change Ministries:
1. Bob graduated and got a job
2. Bob realized we were spending more money per month on repairs than the monthly payment of Halleluiah.
3. Bob couldn’t stand the stress of me breaking down continually.

I began loading Halleluiah early on Friday, June 29th. Not wanting to be left behind, Belle made every trip outside with me. Bob arrived home at lunchtime to help pack. We hoped to leave early afternoon but when 8:00 PM rolled around, we realized we’d be spending one more hot night in Phoenix.

“I’m sorry Belle,” I apologized. “We staying here tonight.” Poor Belle kept running to the door and barking so I’m not sure she agreed with the decision. Early Saturday morning, Bob, Belle, and I climbed in Halleluiah, prayed, and began rolling. (see pictures – Arizona – Phoenix – The Beginning.)

This year, I have a few speaking engagements and Book Signings along the way, which you can see on the website calendar. My 16-year-old nephew, Bill Milligan will be traveling and evangelizing with me from July 7-27 so be in prayer for him. Bob will join me occasionally and my new Phoenix friend and Christian author, Barbara Gobbs will be joining me for the last week as I drive back to Phoenix.

Like other years, most days will find me alone wandering, encouraging, ministering, and evangelizing as God calls. The current plan is to return to Phoenix, Arizona sometime around October 4th, but as you may know from previous years, God may have other plans. Look for me as I travel. I’ll be the one wearing shorts, an interesting necklace, and handing out quarters. If you see Halleluiah stranded beside the road, stop and help but please don’t tell Bob.


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