Take - What Is a Washer  

Take - What Is A Washer?

Phil 2:9
Because of that obedience, God lifted him high and honored him far beyond anyone or anything, ever. The Message

Do you know what a washer is? Im not talking about someone who washes something. Im talking about a tiny ring that goes inside a hose. Without it, when you hook the hose to something else, water goes everywhere. How could I have gone my entire life without knowing about something that important?

One night, when Bill and I pulled into our campsite, we were too far away from the water source to just use our regular hose. We had to connect another hose to it. The extra hose was brand new so Bill had to take the wrapping off. After he freed it, we walked over to the water and connected the two hoses together. No matter what we did or how we connected it, water spewed out.

Is there a leak? I asked.

I dont think so, he said. The water is spewing from the connection.

After about the 4th try, our neighbor took pity and walked over. I think you need a washer, he said. I had the same problem the other night.

What is a washer, I asked with a sinking feeling.

Wait, Bill said. Is a washer a little black ring?

Yes, nodded our neighbor.

It fell on the ground when I was opening the hose. He walked over to retrieve the ever so important washer. Sure enough, when we inserted that seemingly useless black ring, the hose worked perfectly.

I dont know why the washer worked but I know that it did work. Taking the yoke of God is like that. The yoke may seem inconvenient, dull, or impossible. We fight the yoke, as we wonder why we cant do what we want. When we finally surrender and obey, we find peace, love, and happiness, beyond our wildest dreams.


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